Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Week 1 Tutorial & Independent Study

Week 1

Things Learnt (Tutorial):

  1. The interface of Unreal Engine looks similar to Adobe Photoshop's interface because the right side of the interface has the multiple windows to access various types of function of the program.
  2. Some of the functions are similar to the Lumion's functions such as the lighting, which also can be moved around and changed in the intensity of the light.
  3. The navigation of the program is different compared to Lumion because in Unreal Engine models can just be dragged from the browsers at the left side. The camera movement is also quite similar because it uses WASD to move around just like in video games and it also uses Q and E to zoom in and out.
  4. The camera speed can be adjusted in Unreal Engine compared to Lumion.
  5. It has similar interface as Rhino's interface because it has 4 windows with 4 different views, but when the camera is moved in one of the view, another window with different view is also going to move because it is moving in the same axis.
  6. The view modes is also similar to Rhino's view modes such as the wireframe, but the view modes are slighgtly combined with Lumion's view modes because the normal view mode of Unreal Engine just like the normal view mode of Lumion.
  7. The placing of objects in Unreal Engine is more accurate compared to Lumion because the objects are moved using the axis, but Lumion's objects can be moved freely, but it also has the function to move in the z axis.
  8. Like Sketchup, it has sample objects that can be put into the interface, but Sketchup's sample objects have to be downloaded from the Sketchup Warehouse, while Unreal Engine's sample objects can be found in the browser at the left side.

Things Learnt (Independent Study):

  1. The size of the objects can be typed for sizing, which is similar to Rhino and Grasshopper.
  2. The objects can also be easily copied and moved, which is similar to Sketchup and Lumion.
  3. The objects can be moved to a random height or length and it will connect with the object closest to it and will connect with each other with the END key. This function cannot be found in the other softwares.
  4. The construction of the building in Unreal Engine is using the perspective of a game play, while the other softwares are not.
  5. The decorative function in Unreal Engine is more specific and looks more detailed compared to Sketchup because in Sketchup the objects have to be created or downloaded from the Sketchup Warehouse, while in Unreal Engine the objects can be found in the browser and can be dragged around.

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